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Intro to hvac/refrigeration for emerging building engineers

Training Application

How to apply

The application process for a FREE seat in the 170-hour Intro to HVAC Course for Emerging Building Engineers requires three steps.

Step #1 – You must go to a state government website and create a profile. This requires answering questions related to funding for the training. This will take about one hour. Please tell the truth. The necessary link is below with simple instructions.

Step #2 – After completing your profile, you must notify us using the two-question form below. This will take about 30 seconds. You will receive a follow-up email after we verify that your profile is complete. This verification email does not mean that you have a seat in the class – it only means that your application is complete.

Step #3 – A selection committee will review applications and enroll people in the course based on three considerations: 1) The goals of the grant associated with this training; 2) State requirements associated with funding for the training; and 3) Guidance provided by industry leaders for entry-level job candidates in the field of building engineering.

When all three steps in the application process have been completed, you will be notified of your status.

important notice

All three steps below must be completed to apply for FREE seat in the Intro to HVAC Course for Emerging Building Engineers. If you have questions about the status of your application, call Roz Jenkins at 360-970-3591. If you encounter technical difficulties creating your account on worksourcewa.com, call 888-316-5627.

Step #1

Go to worksourcewa.com, click on “JOB SEEKER” and create an account.

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Click on “JOB SEEKER” and create an account – this will be your profile.

Step #2

After you click on “JOB SEEKER,” create an account and answer all questions.

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Answer all questions and be honest, because you don’t know which answers we’re looking for.

Step #3

After your account is created, please notify us by completing the form below.

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Application Status Intro to HVAC/Refrigeration Course *